Open call!

You can still fin open periods of time at the resiedency for 2023, May, June and October-December are not fully booked yet. Send me an e-mail so we can sort out which dates are the best for you!


So thankful for the sun, kind of, coming back. It warms our minds in the most brilliant way:)

Michaela Ortis stays at the residecny for some more days and enjoys skiing and writing in a nice mix. I enjoy school-holiday to catch up, for example, with this web-site – at least a bit… Wish you all a lovely winter-spring-time with lots of outdoor experience and hot chocolate!

Michaela Ortis

We are happy to welcome back writer and journalist Michaela Ortis to our Residency. She stays for 2 weeks to enjoy the calmness and inspiration in the winter landscape of Örträsk.

Some of us had the opportunity to take part in one of her Creative writing workshop shich inspired us all to more writing and especially writing together. It gave us all so much joy.


Årets första konstutställning närmar sig! Den 3/7 slår Ateljén upp portarna. Konstnär Yvonne Jonsson är en av utställarna.

Håll upp ögonen för mer information!

Välkomna till vår Sommarutställning!

Vårlig kreativitet/vårens utmaning! Spring-creativity/a spring-challenge!

Fåret Lycka

Så här i Corona pandemins oroliga tider vill jag fråga er hur ni tacklar denna utmaning? Målar och tecknar ni mer än vanligt? Skriver ni mer musik och poesi än vanligt? Tar ni mer foton än någonsin och var?

Eftersom vi har så svårt att träffas fysiskt så vill jag uppmana er att skicka bilder på ert vårliga skapande just nu. Skicka en bild på ert skapande och inspirera varandra till än mer skapande! Genom detta sprider vi entusiasm över de möjligheter som faktiskt finns. Hjälps åt att sprida positiva vibrationer runt vår planet!

Skicka till under ”vårlig kreativitet” och namn, så lägger jag upp bilderna på denna hemsida!

Make ART


In these Corona pandemic worrying times I would like to ask you how you tackle this challenge? Do you draw and paint more than usual? Do you write more music and poetry? Do you take more photos than usual and where?

Due to our difficulties to meet physically I would like to encourage you to send picture of your spring-creativity right now. Let’s go viral and send me a picture of your creativity and help inspire others to more creativity! Let us spread enthusiasm over all the possibilities to see, listen and create that we actually have . Help spreading positive vibrations around our planet!

Send your images to, note your mail with ”spring-creativity” name and country, and I will present your image on this web page.

February 2020

February 2020, longing for an Art retreat?!

Today the sun is shining, reflecting beautifully in the snow. Cold in the morning, but I look forward to midday when temperature becomes nicer and I can go out skiing. What a privilege!

I also really long for some studio-time. Painting, sculpting, creating with my hands while listening to music. Bu also more of dancing, eating good and tasty food together with friends and beloved ones, enjoying nature, rest and peace without stress.

How do we reach this point every second of our lives? The point where total balance rules?

Why wait until we have strived so hard and harsh that we burst into tears and cannot see the tiny magic things that happens to us? We cannot stay happy and content because we think we are not good enough?

Today is our day and if we have the possibility to experience and live tiny miracles and magics, let’s do it!

Kind and warm regards from the studio in Västra Örträsk, South of Lapland, Sweden.




February 2019

After a long period of cold weather, today, springa was in the air. Not only did the sun shine, no wind, no -30 degrees, the birds lived up again and life felt much better in an instant.

I have started decorating, an old door will soon have its function as headboard in one of the rooms. A lot of old paint went off because of my sanding machine. It will be a good board when ready.

Today we had the spring opening of our porch with hot chocolate and sandwiches, awesome is the word for the feeling and taste:)

A new week coming up, I hope my cold will be gone by tomorrow and I will have a fresh new start. Have a nice week everyone:)/until later A-M



December 2018

Dear all! Winter is here. Nurrul Shaik, artist from Singapore has finished her period at the residence and I wish her the best at her continuing journey. She makes most important work I hope to show you all, soon.

Christmas markets are wonderful places to meet amazing people who creates wonderful handicraft and art. The public is positive and brings joy to these events. Even though the temperature has been too many degrees below zero, they are still well worth visiting and connects people.

Enjoy December!

December 2018

Hey everyone!

Our December guest artist, Nurrul Shaik, from Singapore has left to eventually return back to her home. There were amazing days getting to know a new artist and a new culture and I look forward to show you all her artistry. She is working with important issues, I’ll come back to this later.

Christmas markets have become common again and they are really welcoming to anyone visiting the, even though it has been cold, the warmth shared at this events are indisputable. It is great joy to be part pf a market with positive public, amazing handicraftsmen and beautiful art and home-made Christmas lemonade and more.

Enjoy December and don’t hesitate to get in touch when you need a place to go to for reflection, work or inspiration.




Keep smiling, November is here!

The weather was gloomy and gray. Mist and fog created other colors and changed the light. In a way mysterious and exciting 🙂

All of a sudden the sun came back and is now giving us beautiful frosty flakes all of over!

At the residence, the professional artists Robert Van Bolderick and Kerstin Paillard have left us for a while. It has been great to follow their creative process and we look forward to seeing them back in January!

Still October

Hey there!

Still October, only a few days left. Some snow has arrived, not much though. The temperature has dropped and the air is crystal clear, everything is very silent and somehow slow… awaiting for the real winter. All  summer birds have left off to their long travel to warmer degrees. But, the beauty of nature is still amazing. I love the changes over the year, each season with its special scent, color and sound.

Stay cool everyone!

Kördag på Ateljé A-M med Anna Nilsson

Song for joy!/ Du som tycker att det är roligt att sjunga!

Välkommen till kördagen den 19/8 på Ateljé A-M.

En kördag för alla, oavsett ålder! Övningen startar 11:00 och vi håller på till ca 17:00. Vi övar tillsammans under ledning av Anna Nilsson, Umeå.

Klockan 18:00 uppträder Anna, kanske tillsammans med några körsångare?!

Tre låtar med stämmor övar vi in under dagen: visa, pop och gospel. Pris med fika och sopplunch: 400:- Anmäl dig senast 1/8 till Ann-Marie Bäckström på 070 346 93 00

Ateljé A-M i samarbete med  Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan

Song for joy 2
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