Open call!

You can still fin open periods of time at the resiedency for 2023, May, June and October-December are not fully booked yet. Send me an e-mail so we can sort out which dates are the best for you!


Keep smiling, November is here!

The weather was gloomy and gray. Mist and fog created other colors and changed the light. In a way mysterious and exciting 🙂

All of a sudden the sun came back and is now giving us beautiful frosty flakes all of over!

At the residence, the professional artists Robert Van Bolderick and Kerstin Paillard have left us for a while. It has been great to follow their creative process and we look forward to seeing them back in January!

Still October

Hey there!

Still October, only a few days left. Some snow has arrived, not much though. The temperature has dropped and the air is crystal clear, everything is very silent and somehow slow… awaiting for the real winter. All  summer birds have left off to their long travel to warmer degrees. But, the beauty of nature is still amazing. I love the changes over the year, each season with its special scent, color and sound.

Stay cool everyone!

News for June/Nyheter i Juni

Nyss hemkommen från en fantastisk akvarellkurs på underbara Fjäderägg med konstnär och pedagog Anita Midbjer så är energidepåerna påfyllda inför kommande arrangemang:

  • Utställning av Lena Lagedal, Ragnborg Jonsson och Daivi Jonssons akvareller och oljmålningar i Ateljé A-Ms lokaler, Västra Örträsk, lördag den 30/6 kl. 10:00-15:00.
  • Utställning av några av mina akvareller på Gammplatsen, Lycksele, 25/6-19/8.
  • En av mina oljemålningar är representerade på Galleri 1, sommarsalong, med vernissage på lördag den 30/6 i Skellefteå (jag kommer att delta på söndag).

Jag hoppas vi ses vid någon av evenemangen:)