Residency periods

Residency periods 2020

Periods: 1 week – 3 months

Proposals are welcome throughout the year, well in advance of the period intended.

In your proposal, please present your idea of why you want to apply for a residency period. Also present your ideas or project for the period at the residence.

Successful applicants are charged a refundable registration fee to secure their booking. 6 weeks before arrival the residence fee of the total residence period must be payed. 

Information to residents

Artists undertake Ateljé A-M residency for an agreed period of time to develop ideas, create new work or to deepen their existing art practice. They will stay in one of the rooms of the residency – subject to availability. The work space will be made available in accordance with each artist’s project requirements. The big Studio, the Terrace, the Cellar, and the 5 hectares of the property’s forests are available for all kinds of initiatives. The extraordinary beauty of the surroundings will provide a ground for creativity and professional development. Each project will be discussed individually.

Proposals are welcome throughout the year – each season has its own creative possibilities. It is recommended that applications are submitted well in advance.

Successful applicants are charged a residency fee. The rate for the residence covers accommodation with linen, work space, shared living facilities, bathroom, kitchen, internet, electricity, water. It also includes artist support and help with facilitation of the projects from the manager.

Successful applicants will be responsible for all costs including food, transport, travel costs, insurance, and art materials.

Today there is no stipend or living allowance attached to the stay in Ateljé A-M. The artists should consider other ways to fund their visit.

At the time of booking, artists will be required to pay refundable bond. The refundable bond covers any costs associated with damage or extraordinary cleaning.

Ateljé A-M is located in the south of Lapland, about one hour drive by car from Lycksele and one and a half hour from Umeå. Due to the remote location of Västra Örträsk we arrange a pickup/drop off at the airport or the railway station of each artist’s wish. In Västra Örträsk, you find two supermarkets and one restaurant. To have full freedom you need a car, but the residency will also offer weekly tours and trips to interesting places in the region.

To secure the booking, the refundable bond must be paid no later than four weeks after the approval of the application form. The program fee should be paid no later than 6 weeks before arrival to the residency.

Please, pay attention to rules and regulations about visa, passport and insurances when travelling from your country. serves with knowledge about these questions.

All applicants will be notified in writing of the outcome of their application.

Contact Ann-Marie for information about travel opportunities to the residence.