Travel opportunities

Travel opportunities from Västra Örträsk to Stockholm

Flight – from somewhere in the world to Umeå (90km from the Art Residence): There are three companies that fly between Stockholm: SAS, Norwegian and BRA. Notice that BRA flies to Bromma airport which is a bit closer to the city of Stockholm than Arlanda. SAS and Norwegian flies to Arlanda.

Flight – from somewhere in the world to Lycksele (70 km away): you have one company from Stockholm: Amapola Flyg AB

Train – Follow the link, book well in advance for good prices:

Bus – Follow the link:


Tourist information

Curios about the village of Örträsk? Go to for more pictures, history and news.

Gold of Lapland: Curious about what else you can see and experience in our landscape? Go to:


If you like capitals, Visit Stockholm!: In Stockholm, our capital, there is of course a lot to see. In the summertime it is beautiful and fo example well worth going with boats in the archipelago. However, everything is due to your interests.

More information? please follow the links of your interests.

My personal recommendations apart from the archipelago is the Old Town, just to stroll around or maybe take a guided tour there. Of course there are a numerous museums to visit and you must check what exhibitions are of your interest. The Photogallery, Fotografiska, is very good.

This gives good recommendations»

If you’re planning to visit a lot of attractions this site could be well worth looking at

Another website about Stockholm

We are welcome to further discuss different options when you are here.