February 2020

February 2020, longing for an Art retreat?!

Today the sun is shining, reflecting beautifully in the snow. Cold in the morning, but I look forward to midday when temperature becomes nicer and I can go out skiing. What a privilege!

I also really long for some studio-time. Painting, sculpting, creating with my hands while listening to music. Bu also more of dancing, eating good and tasty food together with friends and beloved ones, enjoying nature, rest and peace without stress.

How do we reach this point every second of our lives? The point where total balance rules?

Why wait until we have strived so hard and harsh that we burst into tears and cannot see the tiny magic things that happens to us? We cannot stay happy and content because we think we are not good enough?

Today is our day and if we have the possibility to experience and live tiny miracles and magics, let’s do it!

Kind and warm regards from the studio in Västra Örträsk, South of Lapland, Sweden.




February 2019

After a long period of cold weather, today, springa was in the air. Not only did the sun shine, no wind, no -30 degrees, the birds lived up again and life felt much better in an instant.

I have started decorating, an old door will soon have its function as headboard in one of the rooms. A lot of old paint went off because of my sanding machine. It will be a good board when ready.

Today we had the spring opening of our porch with hot chocolate and sandwiches, awesome is the word for the feeling and taste:)

A new week coming up, I hope my cold will be gone by tomorrow and I will have a fresh new start. Have a nice week everyone:)/until later A-M



December 2018

Dear all! Winter is here. Nurrul Shaik, artist from Singapore has finished her period at the residence and I wish her the best at her continuing journey. She makes most important work I hope to show you all, soon.

Christmas markets are wonderful places to meet amazing people who creates wonderful handicraft and art. The public is positive and brings joy to these events. Even though the temperature has been too many degrees below zero, they are still well worth visiting and connects people.

Enjoy December!