Keep smiling, November is here!

The weather was gloomy and gray. Mist and fog created other colors and changed the light. In a way mysterious and exciting 🙂

All of a sudden the sun came back and is now giving us beautiful frosty flakes all of over!

At the residence, the professional artists Robert Van Bolderick and Kerstin Paillard have left us for a while. It has been great to follow their creative process and we look forward to seeing them back in January!

Artists in residence ready for exhibition!

Madhuri Kathe och Sanjay Mhatre

From India to Swedish Lapland – Art Exhibition with Sanjay Mhatre and Madhuri Kathe
Welcome to the early summer exhibition with the artists Sanjay Mhatre and Madhuri Kathe. Two artists from Mumbai, India have during their three-week long art-residence at Ateljé A-M, found inspiration for their artistic work in Västra Örträsk.
They will now exhibit their work at Lycksele Ateljé, Borgargatan, Lycksele.
The Vernissage opens on Friday night May 25th at 6 pm. The artists will be there to present their artistic work until closing time at 8.
The artists will also participate on Saturday and Sunday, May 26 – 27, opening hours 10pm – 4 pm.