The Residency

Welcome to Artist Residency Ateljé A-M!


– to promote visual art in all its diverse forms within a national and international context

– to stimulate creativity through direct contact with nature and a respect for the environment
– to set up an exchange of ideas and projects within various disciplines of contemporary art practice
– to establish workshops, exhibitions, and open-air art events in the region around Västra Örträsk

The residence promotes artists who create engaging art and art experiences, rooted in the relationship between people and nature
he residence has a serious approach, attitude and commitment to the working period for the artists at the residency and expects the same from the artists.

The Studio, in which you can embrace and explore the four magic seasons, is situated in the South of Lapland, Sweden.

During summer you will experience the magnificent, bright light.

In the autumn, enjoy the beauty of all colors.

In winter, spend time side by side with the aurora borealis.

Early spring with snow and sun, later on the greenish colors just explode and in an instant, turns into summer with midnight sun.

Spaces for work:

Studio spaces and facilities 24 h access

Creative equipment, gear & tools

A surrounding garden and landscape with lots of options to find material and inspiration

Possible access to 5 hectares of the property’s woodland in agreement with the owner.

Weekly meetings, feedback and support

Assistant to help you with projects and practicalities

Artist promotion through our network

Artist & project pages in Ateljé A-M’s annual publication

Participation (voluntary) in the monthly conclusion / open studios event – workshops, art-talks

Information about the Swedish art scene, exhibitions and culture

For living we offer:

Private single/duo bedrooms

Bedlinen and towels provided

Fully equipped kitchen facilities

Laundry facilities

Bicycles for exploring the area

Instruments: drums, organ

Good walking tracks.

Berry picking, due to season.

Swim in the lake

Options for spare time activities at cost:

Boat to use for exploring the lake and the stream of Öreälven


Cross country skiing tracks, snowmobile tours, canoeing, guided walking tours, fishing (you can also smoke and prepare your own fish for dinner), bird watching, sauna,  guided tours by car to the zoo, the elch-farm and many more.

Places to visit

Trip to the floating dam»