Artists in Residence

We welcome Aleksandra Paranchenko to our residency. She will stay here for three months and work with painting. Her paintings spread tells stories which brings joy and positivity to everyone around.
Many Thanks to Region Västerbotten, IASPIS and Lycksele Kommun, special thanks to SWAN and Theresa Leberg and Konstkonsulenterna i Västerbotten who has made this residecne possible, moreover Svenska Postkodsstiftelsen, Konstfrämjandet Västerbotten, Kulturrådet, and Artists at Risk
Wall painting in the Artist in Residence made by Aleksandra Paranchenko.

Emma Wikberg, artist in residence

After a long period of covid, finally that doesn’t stop us any longer. Then we have other factors in this world changing everything again and in a direction noone ofus would have ever believed.

In November artist Emma Wikberg, Örnsköldsvik stayed here for painting. She used her stay to find inspiration from nature and then work on her future exhibition.

Today we just said goodbye to Michaela Ortis, writer from Austria. She  found inspiration from the studio and its surroundings during her fortnight. She also held a much appreciated and inspiring workshop with the book club from Örträsk. We look forward to reading her short stories from her stay in the future!

Writer Michaela Ortis

Journalist and writer from Austria stayed at the residency this winter and among other thinhs she held a very inspiring work-shop with the local book-club. We look forward to more cooperative work like this and send many thank to Michaela for this period of time. 

Welcome back to Robert Van Bolderick and Kerstin Paillard

A warm welcome back to the artists Robert and Kerstin! We are most proud and happy to see you again and your artistic work.

I do wish you a great time here!

Paintings Robert van Bolderick

The artist of November/December will be freelance artist Nurrul Shaik from Singapore.

I will soon get back to you with more information about her work during her stay here in  Örträsk. She will arrive on the 23rd of November to work on her art project and is very much looking forward explore a new environment.

The artists of August are Robert Van Bolderick Kerstin Paillard.

To know more about their artwork, please look into their web sites and get amazed by their expressful art.

Here comes a quotation from Robert’s website,  which gives you a pretty clear picture about his artistery:

“When you first meet Robert van Boldericks paintings one feels an irresistible urge to start twisting and turning on them. Of course you do not do it, but instead try to move closer to not miss any important detail. Photographs, sheet music, newspaper articles, and much other stuff listed, flanked by small primitive figures and symbols.” Petra Holm, Örebro Courier”

The next quote is from Kerstin’s webpage, her own words about her artistery:
“Ever since I was a child, I have always seen colours in everything. It is my way to translate what I hear, read, taste, feel, smell or see. In every corner of my life there is a colour or a nuance. Colours are my way to understand the world.”

Take a close look at these artists’ paintings and collage!

In May 2018 our artists were:  Madhuri Kathe and Sanjay Mhatre

Sanjay Mhatre has during his life-time educated himself and worked within many fields, from Architecture to Photography, Painting, Sketching, Vipassana Meditation, Yoga and Zen, to mention a few of them.

In his artistic work he finds inspiration in nature and lets these impressions turn into expressions.

Sanjay Mhatre is now based in Mumbai where he works as a visual artist.

His webpage shows more of his works:

In the picture: Madhuri Kathe to the left and to the right Sanjay Mhatre.

Madhuri Kathe

Madhuri Kathe has experience from more than two decades of painting after receiving her Master degree in drawing and painting with gold medal. Her vision and objective for the residency, she says, is “to connect with people of Örträsk through my art practice and deep inspiration from Nature as well. I am always enthusiastic to visit woodlands, open fields of typical crossroads and to sit beside the little lakelets when the algae begins to bloom to explore my vision of art in them”. Further on: “My works are based on the fact that nature and our body are made up of five elements–Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Sky each representing a color. The use of the five primary colors Black , White, Yellow, Green, Blue and red gives birth to the vision of Nature.”

If you live in Västerbotten you can see her work at Lilla Galleriet, Umeå. To see more of her artwork on the web, please, click on the link below.

In November and December 2017 Artists in Residency were: Migle Duncikaite and Gonzalo Rodriguez

Working title for the residency period: Without Borders
The selected residents will research, develop and produce at least one project on the following issue: the relationship between human and nature.
Purpose: Through art, widen and broaden people’s perspective on our nature and the life we live. How we psychologically and physically increase our well-being close to nature, through art. To think and create engaging art and art experiences, rooted in the relationship between people and nature.
Outcome: Contributions to the purpose. Exhibition at the final weekend of December in Lycksele. Art talk/workshop/exhibition event at the residency during the period. Pictures and article to the annual booklet of the residency.

Migle Duncikaite

Sculptor and fine artist

Migle Duncikaite has got a painting bachelor degree in Lithuania, Art Academy, Graduated MA in Finnish Art Academy sculpture department. Through the years she has been participating in workshops, en plain airs, symposiums (in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Finland) – most recent one Baltic stone symposium. Currently working as a sculptor, but not letting go new approaches in painting. Her main interests and inspiration for artistic works are the stories (from people, nature; found materials to work with). She considers the touch of the hand to be one of the most important things in creativity. For the future, she wants to try to expand and combine two fields (sculpture and painting) in her own artistic work.
Migle’s main goal during the residency period is to observe the nature, gather the basic materials which surround us and recreate them through her own personal perspective. Basically, she is interested in the surface that we walk on –  the ground, what we are able to find on it and what doesn’t seem significant but still, takes big part in our life. She has lately been working a lot with stones, and she believes that the residency would be a great opportunity for her to continue her work and expand the knowledge. Her plan is to create sculptures from nature given natural stones through personal touch and emotions.

Gonzalos Rodriguez Gomez

Gonzalos Rodriguez has a BA in Fine Arts, University of Seville (Spain) MA in Art, Idea and Production; Contemporary Art. University of Seville (Spain) BA Exchange Program at Winchester School of Art, United Kingdom MA in Teaching Arts at High Schools, University of Seville (Spain).
The Project Gonzalos works with is based on the concept of Genius Loci, a theory which comes from the Roman mythology and refers to a location´s distinctive atmosphere. In contemporary usage, this idea is applied in architectural design process in many aspects, exploring areas as diverse as the social, the weather, the language, the culture or the history of the place. His desire is to introduce it into his painting projects. After reading “Mysteries”, written by Knut Hamsun, Gonzalos has tried to focus on the sense of the place, and for this to happen, Örträsk would be an excellent chance to research the massive possibilities as an aesthetic concept and as an important starting point for his next paintings.
Gonzalos has been the recipient of some international art fellowships, some of them in countries like Morocco, Serbia, France, England or Palestine. This chance would allow him to stay painting in new environments and would help him to work with other Örträsk’s community.