Places to visit in Örträsk: the Floating dam and the flat rocks Gaffelberget

Flottningsdammen (the Floating dam)

At the Flottningsdamm

Floating in Öre-river has a rich history. Floating was in use in the 19th century until the 1970’s. The dam at Örtrsäk lake’s discharge was built in 1923 to enhance the floating possibilities. The dam was reconstructed in 1992 and as you visit it you can reach an understanding about the floating work. Here you find a nice place to “fika” and also an old log-cabin to visit.

GAFFELBERGET (the Fork mountain)
The Gaffelberget on the east side of the river and lake is a popular place to visit. You have to pay attention to notice the little wooden sign that shows where the path starts. You walk for about 1,7 km and then you reach an area of flat rocks with a fantastic view over the river and lake. Here you find grill-places among the pines. There is no security fence in front of the steep slopes, so pay attention, especially with children and dogs.